AlzChem Global

Custom and Toll Synthesis

We have a multitude of technologies at our disposal, allowing us to manufacture tailor-made products from a few grams up to thousands of tons. Our facilities range from the operational scale of a laboratory to that of a 20m³ reactor.

There are various ways of co-operation.

You have an idea, but not the research capability to realize it? We would be happy to co-operate with you on the research. We will take all the time required to discuss your idea with you; we will listen to you and try to understand your requirements, so that an optimal result may be achieved. Trust in one another is for us the basis for successful co-operation.

You may have a simple laboratory synthesis? Upscaling is necessary in order to establish  a commercial process and you do not have this capability? Our processoptimization methods will analyze your synthesis and identify potential areas of improvement!

Alternatively, you already have a technically sound synthesis procedure, but not the necessary production capacity? With our long-standing experience, we can quickly give you a price indication for a production on any scale. A large range of technologies and modern facilities enable us to carry out a multitude of reaction type as well as multi-step syntheses.


AlzChem has exclusive experience in many fields of organic synthetic chemistry. Numerous procedures are implemented using different technologies:

  • Ammoxidation
  • Gas phase reactions
  • Grignard reactions
  • Condensation reactions
  • Heterocyclic synthesis
  • Guanylation
  • Low pressure hydrogenation
  • Silylations
  • Triazines/Triazoles/Pyrimidines

Challenging Chemicals:

  • Diethyl Ether
  • Hydroxylamine
  • Cyanamide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Acetylene and Carbide
  • Nitroguanidine
  • Highly active ingredients

We can commercialize your syntheses quickly and reliably. We are also happy to determine any safety-relevant technical data for you and we will also deal with any necessary registrations on your behalf.
Pharmaceutical products and their precursors can be produced according to GMP-like conditions.

Multipurpose Equipment

  • 43 Reactors with a total reactor volume of 340 m³ (glass-lined, hastelloy, stainless steel) with a temperature range from -30°C to +250°C
  • 13 Solid/liquid separation units
  • 12 Dryers (paddle and nutsch dryers)
  • 5 Distillation columns (+ short path distillation)
  • Thin film evaporator
  • 2 Gas phase reactors including peripherals
  • Air jet mill
Dr. Alexander Dippold

Dr. Alexander Dippold